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Conducting business with integrity, detail and respect in sectors of our production is fundamental to our success. We have an incredibly diverse and talented team to ensure success at every level of production and paramount customer service.

Quality Assurance

At Genpak Flexible, the shop floor employees are responsible for quality first. Production personnel are given the tools and training to maintain excellent product integrity.

Our 24/7 QA coverage ensures detailed inspection and testing of incoming raw materials, work in process and finished goods. Examples of this testing include bar code verification, solvent retention testing, colour consistency, O2TR, IR spectrometry, tensile testing, burst strength, thickness and basis weight measurements, and co-efficient of friction. We also maintain a strong relationship with third party labs and can use them for any specialized testing or long term studies. Certificates of analysis can be provided upon request.

Genpak Flexible celebrates certification to 2 Food Safety schemes, AIB International and IFS PACsecure, achieving highest level scores in both. We have a Certified HACCP Auditor, Food Defense Coordinator, PCQI, Internal Auditor on site.

Lab & Technical Team

Genpak Flexible employs a staff of dedicated Field Service Technicians with extensive experience in manufacturing and film technology. The team is active in new product development, improving packaging and enhancing efficiencies.

All new development is tested internally before arriving at our customerís facility to ensure that the package we build is truly the best fit for the consumer and its intended end use.

Both our Technical and Quality Assurance departments share strong relationships with our suppliers. This is critical to the development process and gives customers a confidence that comes from years of experience in food packaging.


At Genpak Flexible, we are dedicated to assisting you with trouble-shooting, quality assurance, and technical support from start to finish.

With onsite support from our team, we can follow each trial to the food processors facility to monitor the qualification process. This affords us first hand knowledge of package performance and gives our customers the extra support needed when trying to change or launch a product.

Genpak Flexible understands that our customerís needs don't end the second our product arrives at your facility, and we are committed to ensuring you have the support you need until your product is packaged and on the shelf.

Printing & Plates

With state-of-the-art flexographic platemaking equipment, Genpak Flexible is able to accommodate our customer's high print quality expectations. 

Our flexographic plates deliver high efficiencies and consistencies, yielding a better print quality, every time!

Transportation & Shipping

Genpak Flexible has your supply chain covered from beginning to end.

International, domestic, air or ocean, Genpak Flexible will take care of all the shipping and handling to meet your production requirements. Once your products are manufactured, our logistics group monitors and measures that international and local shipments are delivered on time to your plant. If a customer is pressed for space or lead time, storage is available in our warehouse facilities located throughout Canada and the United States.

The warehouses we use either comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), set forth by Genpak Flexible, or maintain their own third party product safety, risk based, audited Certifications.

Nothing is impossible for the Genpak Flexible Logistics Team!

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