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At Genpak Flexible facilities, we execute our due diligence by annually reporting to the EPA and Ministry of the Environment. We also hold Certificates of Approval on our equipment; this program includes a calculation of energy consumed.

We have a full line of green products as we continue to be actively involved in the "green packaging" movement. We have produced various recyclable structures that have run successfully on automated equipment. Full structure polypropylene recycle #5, polyester #1, and polyethylene #4.

We also offer a full range of compostable materials for most applications. We hold patents on some compostable structures. We are a leader in North America for compostable packaging and are continuously developing new compostable packaging with new materials.

We strive to continually develop innovative recycling and compostable solutions.
Currently we recycle 6 Million Pounds of Product Per year!
Biodegradable Products

If your customers are environmentally conscious and have increasingly demanded biodegradable flexible packaging, Genpak Flexible has the perfect solution for you! Our biodegradable packaging bags meet ASTM International standards for compostability and will help your company reduce its carbon footprint.

We offer a full range of biodegradable packaging products that can suit most markets that are of the highest quality, meaning your products will hold up during storage and transportation and will look great on shelves. With our biodegradable packaging products, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied each time they purchase your products

Compostable Coffee Lidding Stock

With over 9 billion coffee pods going into landfill each year, Genpak Flexible has created a patented lidding material that can stay attached to the compostable cup which breaks down to meet ASTM6400 compost conditions.


The National Zero Waste Council has engaged Value Chain Management International (VCMI) to undertake new research exploring how food packaging affects the amount of food wasted along the supply chain in Canada.

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