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This is a product developed by Genpak as a replacement for pre-made standup paper bags. This structure and related variations are protected by a patent application.

Current stand up bags used for tortilla chips and other snack foods are premade on a Weber style bag machine. These bags cannot be packed on an automated vertical FFS packaging machine. DCRS reduces storage space by 20%.

Switching to the DCRS allows the film to run on automated vertical form fill seal equipment, giving faster packaging speeds and longer shelf life due to improved seal integrity.

Since itsí original design for tortilla bags, multiple Die Cut Roll Stock applications have arisen:
  • Sausage Overwrap (both barrier and non-barrier)
  • Sandwich Overwrap
  • Pasta bag
  • Donut bag

Product Benefits:

Cost Benefits:

  • Improved Outputs
  • 35% less storage space
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Can be gas flushed
  • Longer shelf life
  • Eliminates infestation
  • Costs less per unit purchased
  • Fewer man hours required (not continually loading the hopper)
  • Fewer skids to handle
  • Better able to serve peak periods without overtime

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